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Framed for her friend's murder and pursued by forces that want her dead,  Jessica must challenge her concept of friendship and trust to team up with an unlikely pair of allies to have any chance of survival.

From the very first page the pressure is on and the action doesn’t stop. From Denver Colorado to the nation's capital, pursued by kidnappers, mercenaries, corrupt cops and her own demons, Jessica will need all her skills as she searches for the key that will solve the mystery, avenge her friend, and clear her name.


On the Run

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With no money and no skills except the ones she’s aquired the hard way, she fights off enforcers and thugs while learning the skills she needs to stay alive. Dreaming of one day transforming herself from victim to avenger.


The Journey Home


What if you knew the zombies were coming?

To say that Chef Rachel Wilson isn’t one hundred percent convinced when her paramedic husband Jerry predicts the start of the zombie apocalypse and begins stockpiling MREs and other necessities would be an understatement. More like five percent willing to humor and support her husband and ninety-five percent wanting to shake some sense into him. But being married is about compromises.