I’ve been a reader since I could hold a book, and while I gravitate toward action and adventure I’m a huge fan of great writing (especially if there are dogs and or a strong female protagonist) so I’ll read anything from Dostoyevsky to YA fantasy as long as the author draws me in with their voice and characters I care about. (Check out my book reviews).  I’ve wanted to write almost as long as I’ve been reading, but didn’t start until NaNoWriMo in 2014 (Check out my blog post about that here). Since then, I’ve completed two novels.  I also graduated from The Book Project at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver, Colorado. 


When I’m not writing or spending way too much time doing research on youtube and diving deep into the internet (my search history could be a problem if someone close to me disappears under suspicious circumstances) my wife and I are outside looking for new places to wear our two dogs out. 

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