Short Stories: 

A Woman Alone

The man in the shadowed jewelry shop doorway hoped the crew he sent would be worth the money he had paid. He watched Jessica Barnes reach the turnaround point of her nightly five mile run, touch the light pole on the corner, and turn around.

A man in black jeans and a black hoodie stepped from a narrow doorway as she neared the middle of the block. She swerved to go around him but he moved to block her path. Seeing that he was not going to let her pass, she did what Krav Maga instructors, all marshal arts instructors, probably, advised. She turned to run the other way.  One of the basic principles of self defense David had drilled into her, was to avoid fighting unless absolutely necessary....

Letting Go

I reach the crest of the Jones Pass ridge and stop. The mountain air immediately begins to cool the perspiration dampening my shirt and I shake out my soggy ponytail. Clouds hang over the world like a dingy grey afghan, letting in enough light to illuminate the world, but not enough to animate it. Fall arrives early at 12,000 feet. My half brother Rich catches up as I’m pulling a jacket from my pack. He’s dripping sweat, panting from our four mile hike up Herman’s Gulch. Rich groans and pushes both arms through his shoulder straps and his pack falls to the ground with a dead thud. He’s at least thirty pounds overweight and the most exercise he gets these days is wrestling the cap off another beer....

What you Wish For

Why is it coffee smells like heaven but tastes like heated battery acid?


Maybe a coffee shop wasn’t the best choice for this first meeting, but it seemed like a good way to impress him with my hipness and maturity. I really want a Monster but I’m lucky they sell Coke in this pretentious ‘Café.’ Like ‘Coffee Shop’ is too mundane. The cute barista with the nose-ring takes my money and I walk to a table by the window, sling my pack onto it and set the bottle down. The table’s in a corner and has a good view out the front window. I’ll spot him when he doesn’t know anyone’s looking. I want to see who he is when he’s coming to meet the long-lost daughter who tracked him down and begged him to come, just to talk...

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