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 Lew Gibb 

"Gibb had me hooked on the character he created and the story he was telling from the very first page. I couldn’t put this prequel down. I had to keep reading." -JW

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October 2022

Dear Reader:


I’ve been a reader since I could hold a book, and while I gravitate toward action and adventure I’m a huge fan of great writing (especially if there are dogs and or a strong female protagonist) so I’ll read anything from Dostoyevsky to YA fantasy as long as the author draws me in with their voice and characters I care about. 

If this is your first experience with my work, I encourage you downloading a free copy of One The Run. Click the button below to get started.

Thank you for joining along with me for this ride.

Lew Gibb

Justice? Or revenge?

Jessica Banks has been in hiding for over ten years, waiting for the chance to make the people who imprisoned and exploited her as a teenager pay.

Martial-arts expert Jessica Banks just wants a normal life. Unfortunately, the people who shot her mentor and best friend, David, have other ideas.

In this action packed prequel novella, Jessica Banks escapes her psychotic and abusive foster parents and vows to take revenge.

A zombie plague explodes out of the Amazon jungle and burns across the world separating 
chef and former Olympian Rachel Wilson and her paramedic husband Jerry.

The characters are detailed and interesting, the action is realistic and the pacing is great…all the way through the book and doesn’t taper at the end. A solid story from cover to cover. Thanks for the ride!"

- Tatiana

Outstanding Read! Story line was fast, intriguing and out of the ordinary. This author spins a story and traps you. Looking forward to reading more!!"

- Amazon Review

Another great book by Lew Gibb! I've read all three of his books (he's a new author), and each one has been great. Character development is a highlight."

- Brady

The author really seems to know what he's writing about (zombies excluded, I hope) and the rationale behind the rise of the zombies is plausible and honestly quite refreshing, as opposed to some of the stories out there that just shy away from it."

- Chris W.

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