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In this exciting prequel novella, Jessica Banks escapes her traffickers and vows to take revenge.


On The Run: Fighting off enforcers and predators while trying to stay off the grid and make a life for herself.​

To survive, Jessica will need to transform herself from victim to avenger.

For fans of Andrew Warren, Russell Blake, Jason Kasper, and Mark Dawson.

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A Jessica Banks Thriller 

In a fight for your life, there are no rules!

Martial-arts expert Jessica Banks knows about fighting for your life. She’s been doing it ever since escaping from the psychos who scammed her out of the foster care system and put her on the streets. Ten years of keeping her head down, building her skills and nursing a grudge.

Her plans for revenge are shattered when her mentor and only friend is killed for a software program hidden in a cell phone, Jessica finds herself in possession of the phone, and the target of powerful people who want the technology for themselves.


Cops, criminals, and government operatives all want the program and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. They didn’t plan on running into Jessica. A woman as ruthless and deadly as they are.


She’s got the skills and determination to unravel the mystery of her mentor’s death and keep the program from falling into the wrong hands. As long as they don’t kill her first.

Wilson's Saga Book One

No easy Road

It’s said that love conquers all, but it will take a lot more than love for the Wilsons to fight through a world without the things they’ve come to depend on—Google Maps, telephones, police, civil order—not to mention the zombies and crazed humans, and make it home. Each will have their strengths tested and their weaknesses exposed in ways they never imagined. Plus, they’ll learn how an apocalypse brings out the best, and the worst, in themselves and their fellow humans.

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Find out how life started for the hero of Origin

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