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Breaking Out
A Mystery Thriller Collection

Everyone’s a prisoner.


We’re all trapped in one way or another. Whether it’s by our desire for a better life, or the quest for money and affection, or by our misconceptions about who we are and what we want.


Breaking Out delivers five action packed tales of people doing what it takes to free themselves from their prisons. Each one must take exceptional risks and draw on inner strength they may not know they have to take on the psychopaths, greedy gamblers, traffickers, and the inner demons who would like nothing better than to keep them locked in their prisons.


Set in the world of the Jessica Banks Thrillers, these five tales can be read independently but contain the same kind of fast action and kick ass heroes as the full length books.


"The action is realistic and the pacing is great…all the way through the book and doesn’t taper at the end."    - Tatiana

Jessica Banks Thriller 2

Justice? Or revenge?

Jessica Banks has been in hiding for over ten years, waiting for the chance to make the people who imprisoned and exploited her as a teenager pay. When her friend C She sets out to make sure they pay, not just for trafficking her, but for all the other lives they’ve ruined over the years.

Momma and Poppa haven’t forgotten about the one that got away either. As soon as Jessica starts asking questions in places where the wrong kind of people hang out, she’s caught in a trap that could end her quest before she’s even started.

From the seedy parts of Baltimore to Washington DC, Jessica and some new allies take on traffickers, kidnapping bikers, and a mysterious hacker attacking her communications, in pursuit of justice.


Jessica will need to decide how far she’s willing to go. And the price she’s willing to pay.

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"This action packed book by new writer Lew Gibb kept me hooked to the end! I loved the bits of humor throughout the book and found myself invested in the characters."    - Terry P

Jessica Banks Thriller 1

Action that hits like a roundhouse kick to the head.

Martial-arts expert Jessica Banks just wants a normal life. Unfortunately, the people who shot her mentor and best friend, David, have other ideas.

Before he dies in her arms, the former Israeli operative gives Jessica directions to a revolutionary new technology that could change the world.

In a fight for your life, there are no rules!

Framed for David’s murder and pursued by her own demons, Jessica will need to stay ahead of foreign operatives, a psychotic billionaire and a pair of corrupt cops, who all want the secret only she knows.


From Denver to D.C., Jessica works with an unlikely pair of allies to protect the technology, avenge her mentor’s death, and clear her name. She’s got the skills and the determination to accomplish all three, as long as they don’t kill her first.

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Jessica Banks Prequel Novella

In this action packed prequel novella, Jessica Banks escapes her psychotic and abusive foster parents and vows to take revenge.

On The Run: Fighting off enforcers and predators while staying off the grid and trying to make a life. With no money and no skills except the ones she’s aquired the hard way, she fights off enforcers and thugs while learning the skills she needs to stay alive. Dreaming of one day transforming herself from victim to avenger.

To survive Jessica will need to transform herself from victim to avenger.

"Fair warning, do not read this prequel unless you are ready to go on and read all the books that follow it. The way this book ends will leave you no choice." - JW


"This book moves at the speed of lightning! Action, adventure and characters that you want to root for, what else do you need?!"

- Erin G

Wilson's Saga Book One

No easy Road

It’s said that love conquers all, but it will take a lot more than love for the Wilsons to fight through a world without the things they’ve come to depend on—Google Maps, telephones, police, civil order— against zombies and crazed humans to make it home.


Each will have their strengths tested and their weaknesses exposed in ways they never imagined. They will  learn how an apocalypse brings out the best, and the worst, in themselves and their fellow humans.

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