Meet Jessica Banks.


Ten years after her escape from the vicious foster parents who forced her into prostitution, Jessica Banks is hiding out in Denver, Colorado, earning her living in underground poker games and training in self defense; foregoing friends and the chance at a normal life until she can take her revenge.

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A Jessica Banks Thriller

In a fight for your life, there are no rules!

Martial-arts expert Jessica Banks knows about fighting for your life. She’s been doing it ever since escaping from the psychos who scammed her out of the foster care system and put her on the streets. Ten years of keeping her head down, building her skills and nursing a grudge.

Her plans for revenge are shattered when her mentor and only friend is killed for a software program hidden in a cell phone, Jessica finds herself in possession of the phone, and the target of powerful people who want the technology for themselves.

Cops, criminals, and government operatives all want the program and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. They didn’t plan on running into Jessica. A woman as ruthless and deadly as they are.

She’s got the skills and determination to unravel the mystery of her mentor’s death and keep the program from falling into the wrong hands. As long as they don’t kill her first.

Tense action and suspense from the first page.
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Behind the books:

This book started with a character I loved--Jessica, who kept cropping up in my short stories and my free-writing--and a pair of empty cufflinks. The cufflinks were empty because, after having written The Journey Home completely without an outline or even a thought about where it would end, I decided to do the same with this book. Twenty Thousand words in, I still had no idea what was in the cufflinks.


Luckily, it was about that time I started The Book Project at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop and took a class in creativity where there was an exercise that involved writing about random pictures--picked blindly out of a box--while thinking about our stories. The contents of the cufflinks sprung from ten minutes writing about an aerial view of a river, a man wearing a white button down shirt with a pocket protector full of pens, and a franciscan monk in a robe complete with cowl covering his face. I can’t explain how my brain got there, but it was a magical experience that left me with a solid idea for the rest of my story and allowed me to complete my outline and finish the book. By the way, don’t look for any of the images in the book. The end result was so far from those images it’s mind boggling. But it got me here. And if you have half as much fun reading as I did writing it, the process will be even more magical.




Lew Gibb

October, 2020

Corvallis, Oregon


Find out how life started for the hero of Origin.


On The Run:

Trafficked by psychotic and abusive foster parents. Jessica escapes and vows to take revenge.


With no money and no skills except the ones she’s aquired the hard way, she fights off enforcers and thugs while learning the skills she needs to stay alive. Dreaming of one day transforming herself from victim to avenger.


Find out how life started for the hero of Origin

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