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Five stories of exceptional people who don’t know the meaning of the word quit.


A Night Out:

Jessica Banks escaped her psycho foster parents, but that doesn't mean she has a life. She's got a plan to get one, to be normal, and maybe to meet the man of her dreams. But plans have a way of not turning out the way we expect.


One Clue At A Time:

Danny Thorn hopes an appointment made during a blackout might offer redemption. Or at least a way to pay rent for another month. He never would have predicted he’d end up hunting the kidnapped brother of his lawyer.


On The Run:

With no money and no skills except the ones she’s acquired the hard way, Jessica escapes her captors and vows to take revenge. Along the way, she forges friendships that will change her life, while fighting off enforcers and thugs and transforming herself from victim to avenger.


What You Wish For:

Jenna Barns finally finds her biological father after years of scouring the dark web and developing skills you don't usually find in your average seventeen year old. She hopes meeting him will fill the empty spaces in her heart. Unfortunately she’s about to learn why they say you should be careful what you wish for.


All In:

Jessica thinks a chance meeting with a handsome stranger at a coffee shop and an invitation to dinner could be the first step on the road to a normal life. Unfortunately, her date is in debt to a loan shark who’s more than willing to use Jessica to get his money. But Jessica isn’t the type to give up without a fight.


Five page-turning stories of friendship, redemption, and justice. Strong-willed survivors fighting to escape mental prisons of their own making, and the physical ones constructed by their predatory captors.


Breaking Out: The Short Story Collection

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